Ozone Therapy Treats Cavities… and More!

Ozone therapy is a revolutionary non-invasive technology that I use in my office to treat people with budding cavities and tooth decay… and so much more.

When people don’t brush or floss properly, bacteria colonies form on the teeth. These colonies then produce acids which attack the tooth surfaces, dissolve minerals, and cause cavities. While antibiotics can’t penetrate into teeth to get rid of this harmful bacteria, ozone therapy can.

Ozone is a gas that is present in the air all around us and forms a high-altitude barrier that protects us from harmful sunlight. Concentrated ozone kills viruses and bacteria within seconds and is used by hospitals and in other public places to control infections and smells. It is even used in water purification.

Up until ozone therapy was introduced to dentistry, the only way to remove these bacteria from teeth was by removing the infected tooth structure (with drills, air abrasion, or lasers). Now, in the early stages of mineral loss, I can use the CMU3 Ozone Therapy System without any anesthetic, removal of tooth structure, or discomfort.

Ozone is applied directly to the cavity for mere seconds, destroying the bacteria and effectively sterilizing the lesion.

Ozone therapy is fast, safe, inexpensive, and effective at treating cavities, tooth decay, even canker sores, herpetic lesions, abscesses and other forms of oral disease and wounds. Ask me about it during your next dental visit, and I’ll show you what it looks like and how it works. Chances are you’ll be impressed.

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