Teeth Whitening: The Sensitivity Factor

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Many people hear the terms “tooth whitening” and “bleaching” and wonder if the cosmetic dentistry treatment is really safe.

From a professional standpoint, I can tell you, without a doubt, that teeth whitening is safe - UNLESS, you’re receiving treatment at a mall teeth whitening kiosk. Steer clear from those, as they can do more harm than good.

Over the years, research has proven that bleaching and other whitening methods are both safe and effective. But, of course, there’s the sensitivity factor.

In the past, the higher bleach concentrations used in-office treatment resulted in more sensitivity. Today, however, bleaching gels are well buffered, making sensitivity less of an issue. Sensitivity may occur in people after whitening procedures, particularly when they eat hot or cold foods, but usually disappears after 48-hours and stops completely when treatment is stopped.

If you’re hyper-sensitive to some teeth whitening treatments, here are some ways you can eliminate the discomfort:

  • If using a tray applicator, wear the tray for a shorter period.
  • Brush with a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth that contains potassium nitrate to help soothe tooth nerve endings.
  • Stop whitening your teeth for several days to allow you teeth to adapt to the whitening process. Within 24 hours, the sensitivity will cease. The longer you whiten your teeth, the less sensitivity you will experience.

Almost anyone will tell you that the benefits of having brighter, whiter teeth far outweigh any minor sensitivity they experience during treatment.

Give my office a call and see for yourself. In fact, our Spring Bling teeth whitening special will run through May and June – get a discount of up to 40%.

Can’t beat that!

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