What a Healthy Smile Says about You


Pasadena CA Dentist Cosmetic DentistryIt may sound callous and shallow, but without saying a word, your mouth is sending messages to everyone you meet. People are making snap judgements based solely on the condition of your teeth and health of your smile.

Don’t believe me?

An eye-opening study was conducted in which photos of young smiling people were altered to show varying teeth problems, and then reviewed by focus groups.

“When the focus groups looked at the altered photos they used unflattering terms such as ‘unattractive’ and ‘aggressive’ to describe the individuals,” says Dr. Don Joondeph, president of the American Association of Orthodontists.

“However, when groups saw photos of the same individuals with a healthy, beautiful smile, they were more likely to view the individuals as ‘intelligent,’ ‘attractive’ and ‘a friend I’d like to have.’”

While this study dates back the 1980’s, it’s even more applicable today. More than ever, people want to be perceived as healthy, attractive, and appealing to others.

And, this is where dentistry comes in.

To keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful, it’s important to have regular dental check-ups and cleanings. That means visiting my office at least twice a year – or every six months.

Additionally, cosmetic dentistry – which I specialize in – can make your teeth more attractive. Teeth whitening and teeth straightening with Invisalign is proven effective in improving appearances and boosting self-esteem.

Remember: Smiles speak volumes. Give me a call and make an appointment if you’re unhappy with yours.

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