Why Your Medical History is Important to Us

Filling out pages of medical history forms is not fun. Believe me, I understand. But detailing your medical history is so important to us and how we serve you – especially if you're new to our office.

Don't be tempted to gloss over certain medical conditions or medications because you don't think they affect your dental health. The reality is the majority of non-oral health conditions are important to us. You need to tell us about ALL EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITIONS, treatments and medications. Don't forget lifestyle habits as well.

Do you smoke? If so, how often?

Do you drink? If so, do you do it socially? Every day? A couple times a week?

This is information we need to know to ensure that no complications arise during a dental treatment.

Listing medications is particularly important. Please detail the name and dose of each medication you take – both over-the-counter and prescription. Dry mouth is a common side effect of many drugs and can lead to tooth decay and the need for gum disease treatment if not properly addressed.

Three medication conditions that need to be addressed with me immediately are:

- Osteoporosis. The class of drugs used to treat osteoporosis (known as biphosphonates) can occasionally cause jaw problems following tooth loss or a

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