The Biggest Mouth-Injuring Sports

Pasadena CA DentistIf you have kids in school, then chances are they’re involved in some kind of sport. But take a moment to think about your child’s teeth. Is he or she putting their pearly whites at risk on the field or court? Your child could be just a misstep away from a major sports-related dental injury.

The two biggest mouth-injuring sports are basketball and baseball. And, the most common mouth injuries are broken jaws or knocked out teeth.

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According to a report by the U.S. Surgeon General, craniofacial injuries sustained during sporting activities are a major source of nonfatal injury and disability in children, accounting for up to one-third of all sports injuries. The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimates that more than 3 million teeth will be knocked out in youth sporting activities this year.

What can you do to protect your child’s mouth?

Make sure he or she is wearing a mouth guard and, in some cases, a helmet. Face protectors are the best way for kids to avoid dental injuries while playing sports.

If your child has a full set of permanent teeth, then I can make a custom mouth guard that provide thorough tooth protection. If he or she still has some of their baby teeth, a custom guard is a waste of money. You will be better off going to the store and buying one of the guards that can be boiled and molded to your child’s mouth.

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Protection or not, accidents will happen. If a tooth is broken or cracked, see me within 24 hours. If a tooth or teeth have been displaced or knocked out, take your child immediately to my office or the emergency room and preserve the tooth by putting it in a cup of milk, not water. Milk can provide nutrients to the tooth’s cells to help keep them alive.

Give me a call if sports injuries are a concern in your household. I may be able to give you some advice – and peace of mind – about the safety of your son’s or daughter’s teeth.

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