Why Some Adults Still Have Baby Teeth

Source: Cascade NewsIt’s rare, but believe it or not… some adults are still walking around with their baby teeth. Not all of their baby teeth, but a few.

It has to do with a condition known as hypodontia in which a number of adult teeth simply do not develop. There was one recent case in the UK where a 28-year-old woman had six baby front teeth still in place. This is extremely unusual because hypodontia usually impacts back molars or wisdom teeth, not the front teeth. In this woman’s case, she had her baby teeth removed to make way for new dental implants.

Baby teeth usually appear at around five or six months, with all 20 baby teeth usually showing up by age 2 ½. By five, the first permanent tooth comes in with most permanent teeth (with the exception of wisdom

teeth) arriving at around age 12 or 13.

In most cases, the permanent tooth’s arrival means the baby tooth is destined to fall out. But if a permanent tooth doesn’t come in, that baby tooth will stick around for good.

It’s actually feasible for an adult to keep a baby tooth his or her whole life. In fact, one dentist in New York says he has a 72-year-old female patient who needs a crown on a baby tooth because of decay. She permanent tooth never came in.

Research shows that certain genetic conditions may cause hypodontia, but it is certainly nothing to worry about as long as you’re under our care.

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