Halloween Treats Kids Love… Besides Candy

I like a bite of candy every now and then just like everyone else, but I get concerned around Halloween when candy becomes a daily indulgence for kids. Those bags of chocolate bars, chewy caramels, sugary candy corn, and gooey gum drops are just too tempting.

So, instead of sticking with the program and loading up on bags of candy this Halloween, I am proposing some alternatives.

I’m not talking about handing out raisins and bottles of water to the kids in your neighborhood, but rather low-cost tangible treats that may have trick-or-treaters sneaking back to your doorstep for more.

1. Stickers.

I don’t know a single child who doesn’t love stickers. You could hand out Halloween or fun fall-themed stickers. Or opt for other types of stickers – like animals – that would appeal to both boys and girls.

2. Crayons, markers, and sidewalk chalk.

Kids love to draw and color, so these will never go to waste.

3. Glow bracelets.

Glowing bracelets are very inexpensive and perfect for a night of trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. They can even help them stay a little safer.

4. Temporary tattoos.

Just like stickers, temp tattoos never get old. The bonus is

they can be washed away in the bath or shower.

5. Other “dollar store” bulk items.

Never underestimate the power of yo-yo’s, mini kazoos, squirt guns, bouncy balls, silly putty, and little finger rings.

Party supply stores have endless supplies of these fun Halloween candy alternatives. Be creative – have fun – and stay safe!

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