We Can Fix that Gap Between Your Teeth

Best Dentist Pasadena CAYour smile is your best asset, but sometimes a little tissue called the frenum can get in the way. A frenum can separate your front teeth – even after you’ve had orthodontics.

What is a Frenum?

A frenum is a fold of tissue that connects the gum to the lip and sometimes contains muscle tissue that – if unusually large – may extend between the front teeth, causing them to


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If the frenum is getting in the way of your teeth, you can still get them straightened – such as with Invisalign – but the frenum will probably need to be removed surgically to prevent it from re-separating your teeth. Removal of the frenum is called

a “frenectomy”.

It is generally better to close the space between the front teeth before removing the frenum, because prior removal can result in scar tissue which may keep the space from closing up. It is also not a good idea to have surgery before the teeth are moved, because it can leave a black triangular hole if too much tissue is taken away.

Painless Frenectomy Procedures

Generally, when patients hear the word “surgery” they run for cover. But, if your tooth straightening case involves a frenectomy, take comfort in knowing that it is an UNEVENTFUL and SMALL surgical procedure. Our office uses high-tech lasers to remove frenums and, in many cases, our patients don’t even need anesthetic! After the procedure, healing is usually fast – a week or less – and relatively painless.

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If you are sick of looking at the gap between your teeth, contact ourĀ office and set up a consultation. A frenectomy, combined with Invisalign, are quick fixes that will have you smiling bigger and brighter in no time.

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