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3 Reasons Why We Love Straws — and So Should You!

3 Reasons Why We Love Straws — and So Should You!

What would be a fun tropical drink without a straw?

Crazy, bendy, or straight — we don’t see any reason to skip on straws.

Here’s why:

Straws Keep Cavities at Bay

When beverages high in sugar and/or acidity touch your teeth, bacteria is left behind to cook up cavities, enamel erosion and other dental issues. Even if you never drink soda, acid can hide in healthy places like sparkling water and Kombucha. Straws act as a teeth tunnel, limiting liquid contact. For optimal protection, make sure to position your straw towards the back of your mouth.

Straws Protect Teeth From Stains

Dark drinks can create surface stains, dulling the shade of your smile. Sip through a straw to help prevent surface stains on those all-important front teeth. So even if you take your coffee black you can still smile white.

Straws Bypass Sensitive Teeth

The modern drinking straw was invented to get cold drinks past sensitive teeth. And its original use still holds true today. Tooth enamel can wear away, causing exposed dentin. That exposed dentin is sensitive to icy shakes and piping hot coffee. And dentin makes your smile super sensitive to pain—especially temperature. A milkshake is more fun to drink out of a straw and it helps protect your teeth from that freezing goodness.

Now a word about waste.

We understand that plastic straws can be wasteful. With a lifespan lasting only a few minutes, we recommend using only eco-friendly straws. Reusable, BPA-free versions come in materials like acrylic and glass. Recyclable paper straws are also becoming more popular.

Drink with a straw and teeth will thank you for it.


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