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3 Reasons Why You Should Make Dental Health a Priority in 2016

dental healthAt the start of a new year, many people resolve to exercise more, lose weight, and even quit smoking. Yet so many ignore their dental health — and this can be a costly mistake!

There is increasing evidence showing a link between oral health and general health. Furthermore, your mouth is part of your body — so why not take care of it?

Here are 3 reasons why dental health matters for the health of your body.

1. Poor oral health leads to other conditions in the body.

Without preventive treatment, you are more likely to  face oral health problems like extractions, dentures and gum disease. And those problems can extend well beyond the mouth. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, those without regular dental care are:

67% more likely to have heart disease.

50% more likely to have osteoporosis.

29% more likely to have diabetes.

2. For women, a healthy mouth can facilitate a healthier pregnancy.

Regular checkups with a dentist and hygienist become even more important during pregnancy.  Studies show that pregnant women with poor oral health may be at higher risk of delivering pre-term, low birth weight babies than pregnant women with good oral health.

Babies born pre-term or with a low birth weight have a higher risk of complications including developmental problems, asthma, ear infections, birth abnormalities, behavioural difficulties and may have a higher risk of infant death.

3. Good oral health can help you lose weight (really!)

Brushing your teeth signals you have finished eating and may help with portion control. Use this trick to your advantage – have a healthy meal and then, before you are tempted to overeat or indulge in sweet desserts, go and brush your teeth. This will tell your appetite that mealtime is over.

Finally, the last reason doesn’t necessarily impact your health — but it can affect your pocketbook. Good, preventive dental health SAVES MONEY.

Think of it like this:

Every $1 spent on preventive oral care can result in $8 to $40 in savings on future dental costs, according to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Dental care should be at the top of your 2016 resolution list, as it’s critical for a healthy, happy New Year.