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5 Dental Health Secrets You Didn't Know — Until Now

5 Dental Health Secrets You Didn’t Know — Until Now

cosmetic dentist pasadena caGuess what? Investing in your smile is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to keep your mouth and overall body healthy and happy. But that investment goes well beyond just regular brushing and flossing.

Here are 5 little-known dental health secrets that, if practiced regularly, will keep your pearly whites in great shape for years to come.

1: You need to brush more than your teeth.

Don’t forget your tongue! All the little bumps on the top of your tongue are like a shag carpeting collecting bacteria and debris. If you only brush your teeth and not your tongue, all the germs on your tongue will go right back onto your teeth and gums as soon as you finish brushing your teeth.

2: You may need your teeth cleaned more often.

Most of us get our teeth cleaned and checked twice a year. But if you have more complicated dental health issues or especially sensitive teeth, there’s a good chance that visiting our office more often will prevent bigger—and more expensive—issues.

3: Don’t rinse after you brush.

The benefits of cleaning your teeth with toothpaste aren’t limited to the time you’re doing it. That’s why skipping the post-brush rinse might yield better results (and fewer cavities). Toothpaste generally contains low concentrations of fluoride that help to re-mineralize early microscopic stages of cavities. If you rinse your mouth after you’ve brushed, you may remove the fluoride and won’t allow the re-mineralization process to occur.

4. Even sugar-free seltzers and sodas are harmful.

For people trying to trim their waistline, cutting out sugary, high-calorie drinks like soda is obvious. But while sticking to sparkling water could help your weight-loss efforts, it’s not actually a great idea for your teeth. The fact that it’s fizzy means there’s a weak carbonic acid present, This acid can wear the teeth away over time and make your teeth shorter, which contributes to looking older.

5. Your smile is your best investment.

A beautiful smile will help you feel better about yourself, get a new job or get a better job, and be more successful in general. It’s the single investment you can make in yourself that can have a life-changing effect.


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