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5 Ways Smoking Will Ruin Your Looks

5 Ways Smoking Will Ruin Your Looks

the science of smiles best dentist pasadena caHere at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® we don’t only promote good oral hygiene, but also overall body health. And no surprise, smoking tops our list of habits that negatively impacts all aspects of of your body.

Despite strict public smoking laws, not to mention the high price for a pack of cigarettes, lighting up continues to be a problem for many of our patients. Some of those who want to quit and those who don’t. But if you are one of those people who loves to smoke, take heed!  Smoking is known to cause a lot of physical transformations and can ruin the outside appearance of the person.

Here are some of the ways smoking can ruin your looks:

1. More Trips To The Dentist 

Smoking can also ruin your looks by the many dental problems caused by smoking. Smoking gives you a higher risk of developing dental problems such as gum disease, oral cancer and tooth loss. Smoking will also make your gums more sensitive putting you at risk for receding gums and gingivitis.

2. Unattractive Yellow Teeth 

Along with dental problems, smoking can also ruin your looks by giving you yellow teeth. Smoking contains nicotine which is a known ingredient that causes staining and yellowing of your teeth. You might brush your teeth five times throughout the day and still you could end up with yellow teeth. The yellow teeth can make you appear unkempt and can be construed as you do not have proper hygiene.

3. Dull, Sagging Skin 

Smoking will also ruin your looks by taking away your natural glow and makes your skin appear duller. When you smoke, you displace the oxygen in your skin since cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide. The nicotine will reduce the blood flow which leaves your skin appearing dry and almost gray. Smoking cigarettes also voids many nutrients needed within the body including vitamin C which is an essential vitamin needed for skin repair and protection.

4. Unsightly Nails 

Your smoking habit might also ruin your appearance by giving you yellow-tinted fingernails and fingers. Nicotine which is found in the cigarette smoke is commonly associated with yellow fingers and nails. Although there are remedies to getting rid of the yellow fingers and nails, as long as you smoke it will come back.

5. You’ll look twice your age

Smoking can also make you have premature aging and wrinkles which will ruin your appearance. Smoking increases the effects of aging even if you are a younger person who smokes. Typically, a smoker will look about one or two years older than they really are due to the aging and wrinkles on their skin. Smoking decreases the blood supply and oxygen throughout the blood which is responsible for healthy and young skin.

There are simply no benefits to smoking. Period. If you need help quitting, please talk to our hygienists at your next dental appointment.


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