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A Chipped Tooth is More Serious Than a Cosmetic Problem

A Chipped Tooth is More Serious Than a Cosmetic Problem

The Science of Smiles Dr. H. R. StenderIt’s common to chip a tooth and be concerned about what it will do to your smile. Because, let’s face it, no one wants a black hole in the middle of their grin.

But did you know that chipping your tooth is much more problematic? Sure, from a cosmetic standpoint, there’s an issue. But there are other potential effects that may make you consider rapidly seeking out bonding or veneers for repair.

Watch Out For Sharp Edges

Tooth enamel is just like glass, and when it chips it can create very sharp edges — which can easily cut your tongue. Not only can these small cuts be painful, they can make your tongue sensitive to temperature, salt, or acidic foods.

And, unfortunately, it’ll be quite some time before the sharp edges wear down and dull. Teeth are very hard and resist wear–it’s part of their design. Wear gets slowed down by the fact that a chipped tooth won’t contact the same way a full tooth does.

You’re at Risk For More Chipping

Chipping a tooth creates a narrower shape to the tooth, one that concentrates force. The force on the narrowed tooth can lead to more chipping, which creates new sharp edges that can be chipped or flaked off. The process can continue, exposing the dentin underneath the rigid enamel, which is softer and more vulnerable to wear.

Your Teeth are Likely to Decay Faster

Your chipped tooth is more vulnerable to developing cavities. This is because the chipped areas will now collect food and bacteria more easily… leading to more acid production. When the acid attacks your enamel, cavities will form.

A chip can also expose the dentin underneath your enamel. Dentin is a softer material that helps give teeth their flexibility. Dentin helps the tooth stay tough, but it’s more vulnerable to wear and to cavities.

Your Bite May Become Misaligned

If you’ve chipped a tooth, you can change the way your teeth fit together. The team of teeth that was so efficient at biting and chewing has now lost a member. This creates a gap where teeth won’t get cut or ground up. This can make it hard to bite into foods like sandwiches– your teeth might not cut off the bite properly–and it can make you more likely to swallow large chunks of food.

Do You Have a Chipped Tooth in Pasadena?

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