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Can You Help Me with My TMJ?

The short answer is yes. But first, let’s deal with the fact that TMJ is a misused term. In fact, there’s a bit of controversy among dentists over what exactly what TMJ is and how to treat it. This is because TMJ has a wide range of causes. It can be a disfunction in your temporo mandibular joint, which is right in front of your ear, the surrounding muscles, or your teeth. Dentists call this a multi-factorial problem. But all that really matters is the pain and loss of function. At its worst, you can even eat or sleep.  To stop this from happening to you, I do a complete examination of your mouth, the surrounding muscles, the TM joint itself, and we take a detailed history, which is dental speak for a long questionnaire, to give us a better understanding of whether it’s actually TMJ or something else. This is all part of my philosophy of comprehensive dentistry. If it is TMJ, treatment can vary. Sometimes it’s showing you techniques to relax your muscles, catch yourself when you’re starting to clench your teeth. If it’s a problem with misaligned teeth, I can prescribe a molded orthotic you wear like a retainer. And for a permanent fix, I can re-shape your teeth.

The takeaway from all of this is TMJ is not something you want to ignore. It’s a sleeping tiger. With all tigers, you never want to wake it up.


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