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Can Juicing Ruin Teeth?

Can Juicing Ruin Teeth?

juicing ruin teethJuicing and juice cleanses are extremely popular nowadays, but those who make it a part of their daily diet may be putting their teeth at risk.

While homemade juices and some juice cleanse may be packed with powerful nutrients, they are also loaded with sugar. And, too much sugar can have a detrimental impact on your oral health IF you’re not careful.

Dental health professionals across the country have reported higher cavity rates in adults since the juice trend began a few years ago, even despite good home oral care and professional dental cleanings twice a year. The problem is with the juice itself, as it tends to sit stagnant at the gum line in between teeth. Even worse, when the sugar is consumed by the bacteria, it converts to acid and wears away at tooth enamel. The bacteria can also irritate gums, leading to gum disease.

What can you do to prevent juice-induced cavities?

> Don’t sip too slowly or use a straw.

> Sip water after finishing the juice to wash away residue.

> Brush your teeth about 45 minutes after you finish the juice. The acid from the fruit juices can temporarily soften the enamel and you don’t want to brush teeth while they are in this softer state.

If you’re an avid juicer, be sure to give your mouth some extra TLC. Also, add whole fruits and vegetables to your diet as they won’t set into the nooks and crannies of your mouth the way juice does. Keep up with your oral health regime, and always visit me at least twice a year.

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