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CariFree is a two-part system to prevent caries (decay) before they start. New studies show that certain bacteria may be the cause of tooth decay and cavity development. Even if you brush, floss and visit a dentist regularly, harmful levels of the decay-causing bacteria may still be present. Additionally, life changes can alter your oral environment putting you at risk for developing dental decay despite never having had a problem in the past.
The CariFree system was developed to embrace the new science of testing for and treating these decay-causing bacteria. Many patients are prime candidates for this simple test that is painless and takes just one minute to perform.
For the most accurate results, you should not eat, drink (except water), chew gum or brush your teeth for one hour prior to your appointment in which you will have the test performed.
If your risk is assessed as high after testing, a simple rinse treatment will be prescribed. The treatment consists of using a series of at-home antibacterial rinses to reduce the levels of bacteria on your teeth to avoid future tooth decay and dental work.