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Choosing a Root Canal or an Tooth Implant — Which is Right for You?

root canalThe decisions some dental patients have to make about their oral care can be a real struggle. One of the more complicated choices patients must make is whether to chose a tooth implant over a root canal to repair a damaged tooth.

There are benefits from each treatment.

Tooth Implants Restore Damaged Teeth

Dental implants have become a very popular treatment for restoring damaged teeth. To place tooth implants, I gently extract the damaged tooth and then surgically embed a metal post into the jaw that will hold a porcelain crown. The treatment typically requires three or more dental visits and while the procedure is painless, there can be minor post-surgical discomfort. Plus, tooth implants are typically more expensive than other restoration options.

Root Canals are a Popular Alternative to Implants

The other popular treatment for damaged teeth is a root canal, which saves more than 17 million teeth each year. For a root canal, I remove the tooth’s inner pulp that is infected and causing the pain. Then, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned, filled with a special material, and sealed. With a root canal, there’s no need to extract the tooth because the root canal procedure is able to save it. Most root canals only require one dental visit and are virtually painless. Along with less treatment time comes a lower price, which makes root canals a more cost-effective alternative to less affordable dental implants.

Making the Right Dental Decision

With research showing that tooth implants and root canals are equally effective, I tend to favor saving natural teeth with root canals instead of extracting them and replacing with artificial teeth. But you also need to consider the following factors in your decision:

  • The complexity of your case
  • Health history
  • Personal preferences
  • Time commitment
  • Cost

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