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Combing Gum Disease Treatment with Laser Dentistry for Minimally Invasive Dental Care

Combing Gum Disease Treatment with Laser Dentistry for Minimally Invasive Dental Care

the science of smiles best dentist pasadena caThere’s good news for people who suffer from inflammation, and painful, bleeding gums as a result of periodontal disease. As a member of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry, I understand the sensitivity of the periodontal tissues, and offer scaling and root planing paired with laser dentistry to treat gum disease.

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By applying laser dentistry treatment after scaling and root planing, I’m able to avoid incisions, leave healthy tissue intact and offer results with less pain and a healing process that is much faster.

Gum Disease a Widespread Problem

Nearly half of adult Americans have some degree of periodontitis, but symptoms are not always apparent in the beginning.

People may first notice a problem when gums become sensitive or bleed during oral hygiene routines. This indicates plaque has hardened and bacteria developed on the teeth roots below the gum line and is irritating the gums. At this point, people should seek treatment from a dentist to have the tartar removed and bacteria cleared away. Otherwise, they risk serious damage as the disease progresses. Infection spreads to the teeth and often causes tooth loss.

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Biomimetic Dentistry Eases Dental Anxiety

Although the consequences can be severe, some avoid making an appointment for treatment of gum disease because of dental anxiety. As a Biomimetic Dentist, I have adopted the latest in advanced laser dentistry technology so that patients can receive effective treatment, with shorter recovery times.

I offer scaling and root planing therapy, a non-surgical gum disease treatment that removes plaque and tarter below the gum line. Next, an advanced dental laser is used to reduce gingival bleeding and inflammation, pocket depths and bacterial populations while also leading to faster healing and less pain after the procedure.

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A New Gold Standard of Dentistry

Biomimetic Dentistry is the new gold standard in dentistry and it’s paving the way for happier patients. Patients love the minimally invasive concepts of Biomimetic Dentistry because they have no pain (and less drilling) to complain about. I love it for the science and for the smiles I see on patients’ faces.


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