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Crooked Smile - Should You Fix it

Crooked Smile – Should You Fix it, or Own it?

You know that song by J. Cole? It’s called “Crooked Smile” — and it offers an inspiring message about how you should love yourself no matter your imperfections. The song highlights the importance of inner beautify and acceptance. The rapper himself has a set of crooked teeth, and he’s not afraid to show them off.

Many of my patients struggle with imperfections, and we encourage everyone to embrace them. But sometimes correcting these imperfections boils down to health — not vanity.

Cosmetic dentistry is a lot more than just looks and appearance.  While it is often one of the primary reasons, since having a set of straight teeth can potentially improve your confidence, there are a few health reasons that you will want to consider when you are deciding on whether or not to pursue cosmetic treatment.

Preventing Tooth Decay and Infections

Crooked teeth can cause dental problems that impact the health of your mouth. Crowding, when there is not enough space in your mouth, can result in improper cleaning.

Your mouth contains all kinds of bacteria. Some are good for your oral health, but others will cause tooth decay or gum disease. The key to clearing your mouth of this harmful bacteria is by cleaning out plaque and tartar between teeth, and in other difficult to reach areas.

Let’s face the facts – if your teeth are so crooked that you can’t get your floss between them, it’s unlikely that your teeth are getting fully cleaned. In the long term, this will result in plaque build-up, and eventually cavities and tooth decay.

With straightened teeth and regular dental cleanings, you should be able to keep your mouth clean and healthy for a long time, well into adulthood and even your golden years.

Preventing Pain and Damage

Some common bite issues can harm the rest of your mouth, and even cause severe headaches and TMJ pain. These bite issues could be an over-bite, under-bite, or cross-bite. While these are typically fixed for cosmetic reasons, the reality is that they could cause damage to your teeth and mouth if they are not fixed.

For example, they can cause uneven chewing patterns and premature tooth wear. An overbite is especially damaging, since it can cause the lower front teeth to bite into the gum tissue. A set of misaligned teeth, especially with a bite issue, can also cause snoring and more serious sleep disorders.

Get a Professional Diagnosis

Fortunately, there are some people who have crooked teeth that are not a risk to their health at all. I have spent many years of studying and practicing to be able to identify whether or not certain teeth and alignment issues will cause pain or health issues, so it’s best to get a professional opinion before making a decision. If I can determine that a crooked smile will not negatively impact your oral health or facial structure, then by all means, own that crooked smile.

Here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES®, we want to empower all of our patients to love how they look and be on their way to a healthy life. Whether it’s a set of crooked teeth, uniquely large glasses, or whatever else you may have that society deems as “unacceptable”, it’s up to you to have confidence in your smile and dental health.

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