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Day, Night, Afternoon? Does it Matter When You Brush Your Teeth?

the science of smilesWe know that brushing twice (and flossing at least once!) a day is ideal for preventing oral health problems — but, does it matter when you brush your teeth? While most of us have their evening routines down pat, there are questions surrounding the best time to brush in the morning. Should you do it first thing, or wait until after breakfast?

The answer: Don’t wait! Brush your teeth as soon as you wake up.

After a night’s sleep, our mouths have a considerable amount of plaque. Brushing removes this thick build up of bacteria.  Another reason why it’s best to brush first thing, is because of breakfast. Since many breakfasts include fruit in liquid or whole form, brushing after your teeth have been exposed to high acidity greatly increases the sensitivity of tooth enamel to abrasion by toothpaste and brushing.

Early morning tooth brushing ensures that you remove plaque buildup before you start your day. Less plaque bacteria will create less acid when food enters your mouth as the day progresses. Less acid leads to less erosion and ultimately, stronger teeth! Paying attention to your oral health first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day.


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