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Dental Extraction In Pasadena, CA

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Your wisdom teeth are not the only dental extractions adults might need during their life. Various reasons make dental extraction necessary from time to time. 

Tooth decay, tooth infection, or lack of space in your mouth may demand dental extraction. People with braces usually go through one or two tooth removal to create space for teeth to shift into their correct place. 

Here at H. Robert Stender DDS, we can provide dental extraction to all of our patients. Our specialist Dr. Stender and his 50 years of extensive experience allow them to perform simple extractions and complicated extractions. Contact us today to schedule a professional dental extraction. 


Tooth Extraction Procedure

Tooth extraction procedures today are much less agonizing than ever before, many thanks to effective anesthetics and sedatives. In many cases, a patient who has tooth drew experiences little or no pain and only minor bleeding.

Before a tooth is removed, the tooth’s location is numbed with a topical/and or injectable anesthetic such as Novocaine.

Individuals with drawn-out teeth in some cases need to take an antibiotic, as well as at least take preventative measures following the procedure to ensure that infection doesn’t happen.

The Importance of a Specialist

Tooth extraction must be performed by a dentist or oral surgeon like Dr. Stender. Most of the time is a relatively easy and quick procedure that uses local, general, or intravenous anesthesia. When a visible tooth is removed, it’s called a simple extraction. Teeth that are chipped or broken, below the surface, or have suffered an injury demand complex extractions.

Complex extractions require a pair of professional and experienced hands like the ones from Dr. Stender. Experience can make the difference between a painful and relatively painless procedure. It can also make all the difference in the amount of time of your recovery process. 

After complex extractions, your cheeks and face tend to be swollen for a short or long time, depending on your case and your dentist’s ability to perform the tooth removal. Contact us now to get an appointment with the best dentist in Pasadena, CA. 


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