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Gum Disease

FAQ: Which Treatment is Right For Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can be a serious health condition. Not only can it impact your mouth, gum disease can contribute to heart disease and diabetes. It’s also dangerous for pregnant women as it puts unborn children at risk for a low birth weight.

If we diagnose you with periodontal disease, we’ll discuss your treatment options with you.

Your treatment will depend on how far the disease has progressed and your overall health.

Early Stage Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

In its earliest stages, gum disease is known as gingivitis. It’s very common and is usually reversible with professional treatment, and oral care at home. We may also recommend adding an antimicrobial rinse or other products to treat the inflammation caused by the infection.

We may also ask you to come in more frequently for cleanings until the disease is well-controlled.

Late Stage Gum Disease (Periodontitis)

If gum disease is not addressed early, it will progress to a more serious condition called periodontitis. Once gum disease reaches this point, it can cause damage to your gum and bone tissue that may not be reversible. We will focus on halting the process of your disease, and we can also discuss restorative techniques to repair the damage.

Treatment at this stage will be a bit more assertive. Some of the treatments we may recommend include:

  • Deep cleanings – This procedure is known as scaling and root planing. We clean the roots of your teeth beneath your gum lines and smooth them out so that bacteria and other debris can’t cling to them.
  • Antibiotics – One of the symptoms of advanced periodontal disease is pocketing around your teeth. These pockets tend to collect bacteria and debris. After your cleaning, we may place a special type of antibiotic into the pockets to kill any remaining bacteria.

In advanced cases, surgery may be necessary to restore the bone and gum tissue that periodontal disease destroys.

Don’t Ignore Gum Disease

Gum disease has serious consequences for your oral health, as well. The disease destroys soft gum tissue and your bone tissue. It also causes bad breath. As the disease advances, your gums recede, and your teeth will become loose. In time, periodontal disease can cause you to lose your teeth.

We don’t want that to happen, of course, so we recommend regular cleanings to prevent gum disease and screenings for symptoms. Call our Pasadena office today at 626-624-4030 to schedule your next appointment!


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