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FAQ: What Causes a Crown to Break?

When patients get restorations, they often think they’ll last a lifetime. The truth is, implants are one of the few restorations that will last a lifetime. Others, like crowns and veneers, can break — and this is normal.

If placed appropriately a crown should last as long as 15 years. If it breaks after 3 years or sooner, then something is wrong.

There can be several different reasons why crowns break— from poor fitting to teeth grinding.

When patients come into THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® with a broken crown, I often suspect the patient has a bite misalignment or he/she may be a teeth grinder. When this happens the upper and lower jaw generate a tremendous amount of biting force that leads to a cracked crown.

How am I able to tell if a person grinds their teeth? I look at the following signs:

  • bone loss in one or several areas
  • slightly or significantly grinded surface of one or several teeth
  • history of frequent crown breaking.

Eliminating Teeth Grinding to Save Your Crowns

As TMJ dentist, I can help save your crowns.

Using dental technology and massage techniques, I can eliminate teeth grinding to correct your jaw joint positioning. This will ensure that there is no excess force present when you bite. No teeth grinding – no crown breaking.

In our office, we offer a complimentary consultation to determine if TMD conditions are present and recommend a treatment plan depending on the case. Most often we can start treatment with a TMJ guard that eliminates pain, teeth grinding and other symptoms very fast.

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