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FAQ: What Happens If I Choose Not to Get a Cavity Filled?

Cavities are by far the #1 common dental condition we diagnose and treat at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES®. When patients hear that they have a cavity and need a filling, there are a few sighs and grunts, but people are generally accepting of the procedure. On occasion, however, some patients will refuse a filling — and we always tell them that’s a bad idea.

Here’s why.

Without a Filling, The Tooth Will Get Worse

When your tooth begins to decay, a small hole develops. At first, cavities are barely noticeable to the naked eye. In fact, we may spot them initially only through the help of an x-ray and precise dental tools.

Without treatment, this hole will only get bigger and deeper — sometimes reaching the root. A filling will halt this process and make your tooth feel better again. Untreated, however, the tooth will ache, the area may become infected, and you could lose the tooth.

The good news: Fillings for a cavity be taken care of during just one dental appointment.

What Causes Cavities?

There are a number of reasons dental cavities start. It can be from the bacteria that live in your mouth plus the mixture of your saliva and sugary foods. These will eventually start to eat away at your tooth. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, this is another contributing factor to the formation of cavities.

Preventing Future Cavities

Treatment of cavities with fillings is one thing, but it’s best to prevent dental cavities altogether if possible. Keeping on top of your twice-yearly visits for cleanings and examinations is one way. Another is to ensure you are following good oral hygiene practices at home with proper brushing and flossing.

If you think you might have a cavity, or if you want more information about cavity prevention, call us our office at (626) 624-4030 to schedule an appointment.


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