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FL Mom Arrested for Neglecting Child’s Oral Health

Florida mom neglects child's oral health
Courtesy: Bay County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida mother was arrested this month for allegedly neglecting her child’s dental care after doctors repeatedly told her treatment was needed on her 4-year-old’s black, rotting teeth.

Police say 20-year-old Catlyn Haley is charged with child neglect after more than a year of not tending to her child’s severe cavities. Court documents reveals that during a dental exam in March 2014, a dentist advised Haley that her child needed surgery. The child’s front, top four teeth were reportedly rotted to the gum and blackened.

The doctor scheduled a date for the surgery and told Haley her child would need a physical examination before the procedure, according to police reports. However, as the date neared, the Haleys allegedly told the dentist the child would not be coming for the surgery. Almost a year later, the Department of Children and Families reported the child needed dental care immediately for its “terrible dentition” and “severe cavities,” investigators reported.

Children’s tooth decay is a real concern in the United States. If your son or daughter is in need of dental care, the time is NOW to book an appointment for an exam and a cleaning. Fostering good oral health early in life will set the stage for lifelong good hygiene habits and proper care.

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