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Flossing Before or After You Eat?

Flossing Before or After You Eat?

the science of smilesIt’s been ingrained in us that we should floss our teeth AT LEAST once a day. But now some people are not questioning if they should floss, but when — before or after brushing your teeth?

Correctly timing the daily habit can have a big impact on your dental health — and here’s why.

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Floss Your Teeth Before You Brush

Floss before you brush—it loosens the food and plaque between teeth and under gums, so brushing can sweep them away and down the sink.


Because your toothbrush can’t access the tight spaces between your teeth and gums. You need floss to knock these particles loose.

Best Prevention Against Cavities, Bad Breath

Of course, any flossing is better than nothing, but waiting until AFTER you brush your teeth gives the particles a chance to settle comfortably back in between teeth and form bacteria. Getting rid of them is key to prevent cavities, bad breath and gum disease.

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Expert Recommendation on Flossing

The American Dental Association recommends flossing at least once per day. Extra credit if you floss every time you brush!

To remind yourself, stash floss by your toothbrush, where you’ll see it. The extra 30 seconds it adds to your morning and evening routine will be well worth it.


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