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Following the Ketogenic Diet? Here's How to Combat "Keto Breath"

Following the Ketogenic Diet? Here’s How to Combat “Keto Breath”

best dentist pasadena caHere in Southern California many are following the ketogenic diet. Known as the keto diet, it’s extremely low carb and encourage the body to produce ketones in the liver which are then used as energy.

Multiple Health Benefits

It’s a diet athletes especially adhere to because of it’s overall and oral health benefits. While NOT proven by scientists, followers claim a keto diet reduces cavities and fights gum disease. They believe it’s due to the lower acidic conditions produced in the mouth because high-carbohydrate, sugar-laden food are avoided.

The downside of a keto diet? “Keto-breath.”

Keto-breath is a side effect of reaching full ketosis.

The Process of Ketosis and its Impact on Breath

Ketosis is when the dieter’s body produces chemicals ketones that burn fat for energy rather than the glucose normally produced through carb intake. One of the ways ketones are discarded from the body is through the breath. In ketosis, the dieter’s breath may take on a nail-polish remover (acetone) or rotten-fruit smell. But don’t worry; it’s only temporary. 

Ways to Freshen Keto Breath

• Brush your teeth at least two times a day
• Rinse with fluoridated mouthwash once a day
• Chew sugar-free mints or gum with Xylitol  
• Gnaw on natural breath fresheners like parsley or mint
• Drink lots of water

If these methods don’t help, or you continue to have bad breath after discontinuing the diet, it could be a signal of a more serious oral health condition.

Be sure to tell us about your diet and oral health concerns at your dental visits. We’d be happy to address those concerns and help correct the problem.


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