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Galileos Comfort 3D Xray


The famous physicist and astronomer, Galileo Galilei, brought a new dimension to modern science. Therefore, it’s appropriate that the technology bringing a new dimension to modern dentistry bears his name. What might be surprising, however, is how much easier this may make your next trip to the dentist.
The GALILEOS® 3-D diagnostic system is an innovative piece of equipment we’ve added to our practice in an effort to continue bringing you the most efficient, comfortable and effective dentistry possible. The GALILEOS® system can create a 3-D image of your entire jaw in a matter of seconds – much less time than it would take for you to receive a standard set of X-rays. A remarkable machine that truly lives up to its lofty name, GALILEOS® gets you in and out of our office more quickly and on with your day, while also allowing us to diagnose any problems more accurately and efficiently than ever before. The 3-D scans provided by the system are far more detailed than traditional X-rays, giving us an in-depth look at your teeth, mouth and jaw. This lets us easily detect early signs of any dental problems, so that we can treat them before they develop into more serious conditions – which could mean fewer appointments for you in the long run. What’s more, these incredibly precise images are created with less radiation than any other 3-D technology — about the same as you encounter on a day at the beach!
Adding the GALILEOS system to our available tools ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of dentistry while continually providing you with the best, most comfortable care possible.