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How “At Risk” Are You For Cavities?

It’s no secret that dental decay is one of the most common diseases in the U.S. Dental decay leads to cavities, which are actual bacterial infections in teeth. If left untreated, a cavity can cause pain, tooth loss, and even serious systemic complications with the heart.

Unfortunately, despite patient education, advanced dental care and technology, rates of decay are not declining — in fact, they are increasing in children and adults.

Why is this happening?

Poor lifestyle and diet choices. Busy schedules are also to blame has they interfere with consistent daily hygiene habits.

So, how at-risk are you for cavities?

The American Dental Association (A.D.A) has a system which can clarify what level of risk a person is at. This system is known as Caries Management by Risk Assessment or C.A.M.B.R.A. for short. At its core the system ranks patients the following way:

  • Individuals with no cavities in the last three years are low risk
  • Individuals with one or two cavities in the last three years are at moderate risk
  • Individuals with three or more cavities in the last three years are at HIGH risk.

More specific details can come into play when determining someone’s cavity risk. The team here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® is uniquely qualified to help you understand that risk. In the meantime, the A.D.A’s full assessment can be found HERE.

Try completing the assessment for yourself and see at what risk level you fall. Those who fall in the moderate or high-risk category typically need additional tools such as prescription fluoride pastes, or gels to use at home. At THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® we work with our patients to create custom home care programs to help reduce their risk level and stop the cycle of decay!

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