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How Genuine is Your Smile?

A smile can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived. And if your smile isn’t genuine, or looks fake, it can undermine your effectiveness at work, and erode relationships among peers.

If you’re unsure about the power of your smile, here are some tips from a leadership consultant on how you can make it look more genuine.

Your Smile Lasts For Too Long

As is the course of the emotion, a smile should rise and fall; come and go. If a smile is kept on your face too long, it will be perceived as being fake. And they’re probably right. A smile that just stays in place isn’t natural.

Your Smile Lacks Emotion

A flat smile is one that doesn’t show off genuine emotions, and people can tell. Often that’s because the flat smile is just in the mouth, not in the eyes. When your eyes are smiling, what’s called a Duchenne smile, it’s usually perceived as genuine. It’s easy to control the smile muscles around the mouth. It’s harder to control the ones around the eyes, and not everyone can do it.

Your Smile Doesn’t Match What You’re Saying

Your smile can look artificial if it doesn’t match what you’re talking about. If  your mind wanders as you’re talking, and a smile comes to you because of an unrelated memory or idea, it shows your audience that you’re not really paying attention to them or to what you’re saying.

Feel Confident in Your Smile

Your smile is part of your personal brand. It helps you make a good first impression, and it makes sure people don’t forget you. But what can you do if you’re unhappy with your smile? Cosmetic dentistry can help. Whether your teeth are just a little discolored, or if you’re missing one or more teeth, we have solutions that can restore the beauty of your smile!

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