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How to Enjoy All That Halloween Candy (Without Ruining Your Teeth)

How to Enjoy All That Halloween Candy (Without Ruining Your Teeth)

the science of smilesAhhh… the day after Halloween. It’s a day when kids and adults alike eye that cherished bowl of Halloween candy and think, “Which goodies will I eat today?”

As dental practitioners, we’re not nearly as enamored with Halloween, because we know the possible ramifications of eating candy: not only damage to the teeth and gums but also possibly to a child’s overall health.

As you know, having healthy teeth and gums has an impact that goes far beyond the mouth. Poor oral hygiene can lead to caries, periodontal disease, and infection, which can impact a patient’s heart, lungs, and entire body. With that in mind, we urge you to use a little caution when indulging in your Halloween candy stockpile. Here are 5 Tips to keep your teeth and mouth protected from sugar-overload in the days after Halloween.

1. Choose Halloween candy carefully

I suggest that my patients try to avoid hard candy, such as lollipops, and other sweets that stay in their mouth for a long time. These candies increase the risk for tooth decay.

2. Avoid chewy candy

Chewy, sticky treats, such as caramels or gummies, are particularly damaging as they are high in sugar, stick to teeth for a prolonged periods, and are more difficult for saliva to break down.

3. Chocolate is preferable

Chocolate dissolves quickly in the mouth and can be eaten easily, decreasing the amount of sugar that stays in contact with teeth.

4. Eat Halloween candy merely after mealtime

Remind the parents of your pediatric patients to avoid letting their children snack on candy throughout the day. Save the candy for an after-dinner treat. Saliva production increases during dinners and helps cancel out acids produced by bacteria in your mouth and helps rinse away food particles.

5. Take preventive steps

Drinking water intermittently helps to keep the sugar from resting in the grooves of their teeth. And your children might be tired of hearing it, but brushing and flossing their teeth thoroughly before going to bed is crucial.


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