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Ice Chewing is Not Just a Strange Addiction. Here's the Fascinating Reason Why People Do It

Ice Chewing is Not Just a Strange Addiction. Here’s the Fascinating Reason Why People Do It

strange addictionDo you ever wonder why some people crave to crunch on ice cubes? It’s not entirely driven by enjoyment alone. There is actually a scientific reason behind this phenomenon.

The compulsive consumption of ice, known as pagophagia, has recently been linked to anemia—a lack of iron in the blood. Anemia can lead to serious health complications if left untreated. But don’t worry, if diagnosed by a doctor, anemia is easily treatable with daily iron supplements. Scientists still aren’t sure why the link between chewing ice and anemia exists, but many suspect it may the body’s natural response to relieve oral inflammation caused by anemia.

Ice Chewing Is Not Good for Your Teeth

Many enjoy chomping down on those last few ice cubes at the bottom of their glass, but is it really that bad for your dental health? Absolutely!

Ice is an incredibly hard substance, and when pitted against teeth it can do serious damage to your enamel. Repeated grinding against ice and other hard substances can result in enamel cracking and erosion. Because enamel has no living cells, the body cannot repair any chips or cracks on its own—they will require enamel restoration treatments.

We Care About Your Smile

Excessive ice cravings affect far more than just your teeth. So if you’re an avid ice chewer, you may want to discuss the cravings with your physician. And, please let us know about these cravings as well. Health histories give us great insight into your oral care routine and can guide our treatment to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.