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Internet Trend of DIY Braces with Gap Band is Dangerous

diy bracesThe newest fad of DIY braces is sweeping the Internet, and while teenagers think it’s all the rage… dental health professionals are sounding an alarm.

A series of viral videos across the Web show young teens sticking elastic bands (such as small hair elastics) around their teeth in an attempt to help straighten them, or to close gaps. The practice is also called “gap band.”

Dozens of YouTube videos of people giving themselves ‘gap bands’ have popped up recently, with one practitioner claiming she wore a hair elastic around her middle teeth for a few weeks to close her gap.

“Cheap easy braces! Without going to the dentist!” may sound enticing, but the procedure is painful and puts young people at severe risk for tooth and bone loss, and gum damage. Teens who practice this DIY braces technique may also change the color of their teeth due to loss of blood supply.

As of right now, the bizarre internet trend seems to be primarily taking off in the United States, where teens are not paying close attention the risks and using DIY methods to try and get their teeth to look “celebrity” perfect.

If having beautiful, healthy teeth is a priority for you, do NOT take matters into your own hands. Instead, be proactive by contacting THE SCIENCE OF SMILES for an immediate smile makeover consultation. Our procedures will get you the look you want without harmful side effects, or pain.

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diy braces