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Keep a Healthy Smile as You Age

the science of smiles pasadena caAs you age, your teeth are right there with you. Just as your body endures wear and tear, and subtleties of age, your healthy smile and oral health can become impacted as well. You know that popular idiom “long in the tooth”? It references how gums wear away in the aging process, leaving the root of the tooth exposed.

Dental disease is cumulative over a lifetime, so almost all adults ages 65 and older have had dental caries in their permanent teeth. Older adults who take any one of several hundred medications that can cause a decrease in saliva should be especially careful because a lack of saliva brings a much higher risk for tooth decay.

Advances in medical technology, public health, personal health knowledge and greater access to health insurance are some of the key factors helping people in the U.S. today live longer and in better health than previous generations. The most recent data indicate that life expectancy from birth is at an all-time high of nearly 78 years, with women at 80.5 and men at 75.5 years.

Thankfully, improvements in oral health are also significant, and adults 65 and older are keeping more of their natural teeth for their entire lives than previous generations.  But smart dental hygiene is important even for those seniors who have lost their regular teeth. Besides helping ensure dentures and other prosthetic replacements fit properly, dentists can catch life-threatening diseases like oral cancer early.

THE SCIENCE OF SMILES encourages people, especially senior citizens, to practice good oral health habits. Caregivers, especially, should advocate for proper brushing and dental visits as well. Poor oral health can have a dramatic impact on the body as a whole, so it’s always important to brush and floss twice a day, and visit a dentist at least twice a year for a healthy smile.

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