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Lie About Flossing Your Teeth? So Does Everyone Else

Lie About Flossing Your Teeth? So Does Everyone Else

At your dental exams, do you lie about flossing your teeth and brushing regularly? Turns out, so do a lot of other people. It’s quite common to stretch the truth a little bit during a dental visit — but we can spot a fib a mile away.

A person’s mouth is a pretty good reflection of not just oral health but also general health — and lying about how often you floss or brush can cause problems later on. For example, if a patient who says she flosses every day has inflammation under her gums, she could have an un-diagnosed health problem. If the patient is telling the truth about her flossing habits, I may be in a position to deter a serious condition — but if she’s lying, she could undergo unnecessary testing (and worry) for nothing.

One thing is certain: A close rapport and honesty between dentist and patient is key to the best possible treatment.

Delta Dental has put together a refreshingly truthful, and humorous info-graphic that reflects how often and why people fib to the dentist. Here are just some of the lies you can stop telling us at your dental appointments.



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