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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Stender_Mic_5Advances in dental technology and intensive education have allowed Dr. Stender to help make his patients feel more at ease about their dental experiences. One of those advances is the use of the dental operating microscope. Surgical microscopes have been used in operating rooms since 1953, giving surgeons the extra vision they need to perform with superior precision, leaving nothing to chance. Good dentistry requires that same careful precision!
The dental operating microscope is by far the most important tool in dentistry today. It allows Dr. Stender superior visualization through light and magnification resulting in increased perception of detail. Our patients are appreciative that the implementation of this cutting-edge technology and skill can help them improve their dental health.
Dr. Stender uses the microscope for all procedures he performs. As an added benefit, our microscopes and exam rooms are equipped with video cameras and monitors so that patients can see what is present in their mouths and even watch procedures if desired. Each step can be explained pointing out the areas of concern, helping patients understand the benefits of treatment and showing them the outcome of the therapy performed.
Additionally, the dental operating microscope allows our team to be ergonomically correct and relaxed performing treatments. This helps limit uncomfortable posture thereby increasing the precision of movement and efficiency. Precision in dentistry is paramount in our practice and we are happy to offer our patients the very best care that modern technology allows!