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Need Dental Work in 2019? Avoiding the Dentist Will Cost You!

Need Dental Work in 2019? Avoiding the Dentist Will Cost You!

The Science of Smiles - Best Dentist Pasadena CAYou have a tooth that’s bothering you. Or maybe your gums are bleeding a little too often. You know that you have to see a dentist in 2019 — but you avoid making an appointment like the plague. Unfortunately, I’ve got some straight talk for you: Avoiding the dentist will cost you more in the long run!

The fact of the matter is, steering clear of dental work or bi-annual dental cleanings means that you’re putting more than just your mouth at risk for health problems. Avoiding the dentist can have direct ties to your overall health, causing harm from your head to your heart. Since your smile health is a gateway to your body, it’s important to brush and floss twice daily and keep up with dentist appointments.

But you probably ask yourself: Is it really that important to have another cleaning if your teeth don’t hurt? The answer is – yes! It’s extremely important, and here is why a dental checkup THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® is critical to your oral health.

What Happens at My Cleaning and Checkup?

A few crucial things take place during your routine six-month dental visit. First, your hygienist will clean your teeth, which removes the excess plaque buildup that contributes to many dental issues. They will also share with you tips for proper brushing and flossing techniques that will help you make the most of your home care routine.

Next, we will screen you for concerns such as periodontal (gum) disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, and cavities. All of these issues are most successfully treated in their earliest stages, allowing you to utilize less invasive treatment procedures.

The Oral Systemic Connection

As more information emerges, we understand more about how oral health is linked to your overall health and well being. We now know that the same bacteria that causes gum disease can also contribute to other health concerns such as diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and vice versa.

Being proactive about your oral health and treating gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) as soon as possible means that you are also being proactive about your overall health.

The Cost of Missing Dental Treatment

Preventive care appointments like your six-month cleaning and checkup will also help you avoid costly dental treatment procedures. For example, if I detect decay in your tooth, if you are proactive about treatment, you’ll be able to treat the decay with a simple dental filling.

If the diagnosis is left untreated, the decay will progress, cause further damage, and could reach the nerve of your tooth. Not only is this condition painful, it requires the more invasive procedure of root canal therapy to preserve your tooth because if your tooth is not treated at this point, it may need to be extracted to protect your other teeth and jawbone.

Your health is too important to ignore or risk! Go to your six-month preventative appointment, or schedule it now if it’s time. We are accepting appointments for 2019!


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