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Needle-Free Anesthesia is Another Advance in Dental Science

needle free anesthesiaTHE SCIENCE OF SMILES specializes in minimally-invasive dentistry which involves little use of dental drills and needles. And now, thanks to wonderful advances in dental science…. we may soon have a new tool to add to our practice: Needle-free anesthesia.

Using Electric Current as an Needle-Free Anesthesia

A new study reveals how dentists could give you anesthetic using a tiny electric current instead of a needle.

The researchers behind the study, from the University of São Paulo, investigated a way of getting topical anesthetics into the body more effectively to replace needles altogether. They found that applying a tiny electric current – a process called iontophoresis – made the anesthetics more effective.

Scientists say the anesthesia was fast-acting and long-lasting. In fact, they says the permeation of the anesthetic through the mouth lining increased 12-fold. The researchers now plan to develop an iontophoretic device to use specifically in the mouth and do some pre-clinical trials with the system.

Calms Nerves, Improves Dental Procedures

Researchers say this new needle-free anesthesia involving electrical current could help improve dental procedures and bring even more relief to millions of people who are scared of needles. It would also save money and avoid contamination and infection.