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New Device to Measure Bad Breath & Hydration Levels

New Device to Measure Bad Breath & Hydration Levels

measure bad breathWhether you just rolled out of bed or getting ready for a date, a new device set to hit the market soon may measure bad breath.

The technology is called Mint, developed by a company called Breathometer, Inc. Put Mint halfway into your mouth, and the device will analyze volatile sulfur compounds (byproducts of bad bacteria). These compounds can be elevated by certain foods or drinks, and may also indicate gum disease and tooth decay. In all cases, higher sulfur compounds indicates poor breath. Mint uses an electrochemical fuel cell and other sensors for detection.

Mint is not Breathometer’s first product. The company appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank, two years ago to unveil its first product for ethanol. They were so successful,  Breathometer went on to launch a second product which was a Bluetooth connected alcohol breathalyzer called Breeze.

For the Breeze, the company says their consumer base ranges from 25-35 years of age – with people using the product very casually, putting them in the purse, the pocket etc.

50% of the US market has halitosis, or bad breath, that can cause social anxiety when going into meetings or feeling uncomfortable on a date. Breathometer says it’s trying to solve two common problems with Mint; the first problem is the short term, in the moment: how is your breath? The second problem or issue is to determine your overall oral health and help you prevent future diseases. The target audience is everyone!

Mint is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year. Smartphones will be required to use the technology.

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