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No More Root Canals! Biomimetic Dentistry is the New Tooth-Friendly Choice

Undergoing invasive dental procedures can be stressful and even frightening for some people. However, there is a new trend called Biomimetic Dentistry that can help people who need root canals. It is a holistic dentistry method in which a minimally invasive procedure is performed that eases the patient’s mind and fixes their dental problem at the same time.

Gentler, Less-Invasive Dentistry

If patients require root canals, Biomimetic Dentistry can restore a damaged or broken tooth in a much simpler fashion. “Biomimetic” is a term that is made up of two words: “biology” and “mimic.” In other words, this holistic dentistry procedure brings to life the phrase “less is more.”

Biomimetic procedures ensure that when I work on a patient’s teeth, I build up the teeth in a natural way, layer by layer, rather than grinding them down. As a Biomimetic Dentist, I have the right training, materials and technology, as well as commitment to save the natural structure of the teeth. It also means I will stop what is known as the “dental cycle” after removing parts of the tooth that are broken or diseased.

Restore and Strengthen Teeth

Dentists who use Biomimetic techniques rely on a restoration design that is based on proven engineering principles so that the natural teeth can be restored with minimal stress. As a result, more of a tooth is preserved, even with the minimally invasive treatment. The goal is also to eliminate the need and use of crowns or caps.

When a patient has a root canal, the standard procedure is quite invasive. The inflamed area of the tooth is removed, the remaining substance is thoroughly cleaned and then the dentist fill the tooth with gutta percha. Finally, a crown is often placed on the tooth to protect it. However, with biomimetic procedures, I will remove the rotten areas of the tooth up to the nerve and then clean the area. In some cases, a tiny amount of the decay is left if the patient doesn’t have symptoms such as pain. Afterward, the nerve is sealed.

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