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Ozone Therapy Antiseptic Shows Promise for Treating Gum Disease

has been used here at H. Robert Stender DDSfor many years to treat tooth decay and gum disease. Now, scientists are taking the treatment one step further, developing an ozone antiseptic agent called “ozone nano-bubble water” to treat severe gum infections.

In a recent ozone therapy study, researchers evaluated the bactericidal activities of ozone nano-bubble water against the two main bacterial agents that cause gum disease. Their results showed that the agent can kill periodontal pathogens within 30 seconds of exposure. The next step in their studies to determine the extent to which the agent’s potency may be reduced by a patient’s saliva.

Before non-invasive ozone therapy was introduced, the traditional first step in treated gum disease involved scraping away the dental plaque and calculus from the gum line. With ozone therapy, however, I can eliminate all bacteria without anesthetic, removal of the tooth structure, or discomfort.

We use the CMU3 Therapy System at our practice which treats bacteria with a burst of ozone, an allotrope of oxygen. The system consists of an ozone generator and a hand piece fitted with a unique application tip which is connected to the CMU3 unit by a delivery and scavenger hose. In just 60 seconds, ozone gas is applied to the infected tooth to eliminate bacteria and cavity-causing agents.

While the effectiveness and potency of the new ozonated water is still up for debate and study, it’s clear ozone therapy is a safe, stable alternative treatment for gum disease.

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