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Power Energy Caffeine Toothpaste Delivers a Morning Jolt

Power Energy Caffeine Toothpaste Delivers a Morning Jolt

caffeine toothpasteWant to invest in the future of toothpaste? Check out Power Energy Toothpaste — a wonder gel for teeth that is set to launch via a crowdfunding campaign December 8 on Indiegogo.

The idea behind Power Energy is simple: Merge two traditional morning substances, toothpaste and caffeine. Instead of waiting for your coffee to brew, Power Energy makers say you can get a much quicker buzz when you deliver caffeine around on your gums while brushing. Plus, there are no unsightly coffee stains to deal with, no coffee breath and no coffee mugs to clean up.

Power Energy Toothpaste will contain about 80 milligrams of caffeine per milliliter of toothpaste — which is the amount of caffeine that is just slightly under what you would find in a cup of coffee.

As for the safety of using a caffeine toothpaste, co-founder of Energy Power Toothpaste, Dan Meropol, says his product is classified as a cosmetic under Food and Drug Administration regulations. That means it’ll be at least as safe as your lipstick or skin cream.

By the way, this is not the first cosmetic to contain caffeine. This caffeinated shower soap from ThinkGeek promises to deliver an extra dose of the drug.

“Too many people aren’t taking care of their teeth, even when they know they should,” Meropol said in a statement. “At Power Toothpaste we believe a big part of this is that oral care hasn’t been exciting for decades, and the products that Big Toothpaste is offering just aren’t good enough. Our mission is to make oral care fun and exciting again, and above all else, to get people brushing.”

Power Energy Toothpaste will be for sale on December 8 on Indiegogo for $15  per tube with free shipping.