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Pucker Up! Top 5 Dental Health Kissability Tips for Valentine’s Day

Pucker Up! Top 5 Dental Health Kissability Tips for Valentine’s Day

dentist pasadena caWe all remember our first kiss, and one thing is certain no matter how exciting or horrible it may have been; we’d still know if bad breath was the kiss crushing culprit.

The awkwardness, the insecurity…the anticipation!

Many a first kiss was cut short by bad breath, or if the other person had something in their teeth! Whatever it is that has that lasting impression about our first kiss, we can laugh at it now — good and bad. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought sharing some social dental health information might help boost your kiss-ability — if not for this holiday, but other Valentine’s Day holidays to come.

1. Brush 2x per day!
2. Floss daily- at the least!
3. Visit me, Dr. Stender 2x a year- at the least!
4. Use Mouthwash!
5. Don’t be afraid to do a self breath check!

Number five could be tricky, but here’s a tip: try licking your hand then smelling the result. Let it dry or take a whiff right away, either way if things smell not so good, take evasive action!

Sounds gross, but it could save our kissers from confounding consequences.


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