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Saving Time and Money at the Dentist

dentistCost is one of the primary reasons people skip out on seeing the dentist. In fact, a recent U.S. Federal Reserve healthcare survey indicated 25% of the population delayed getting needed dental care last year because they were concerned about the cost involved.  Unfortunately, delaying dental care can potentially cost you MORE MONEY in the long run.
Here at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES, we specialize in biomimetic dentistry – a method that promises to save our patients time and money.
Many traditional dentists offer short-term solutions for tooth repair and restoration, not to mention a lot of invasive dental work. With the biomimetic approach, instead of frequent tooth restorations and replacements, we insure all of our dental work is long-lasting and that a tooth’s natural structure is less compromised. With today’s dental technology, I can literally mimic the structure of a tooth to save more of it, and place fillings in a way that they will continue to engage the gums just as natural teeth would.
The biomimetic approach also allows me to seal off holes in the teeth more precisely using detailed layering.
Patients who undergo biomimetic dentistry work can expect healthy, long-lasting and great looking restorations for many years, as opposed to traditional fillings and crowns that need replacing every couple years.
Biomimetic dentistry allows me to give patients the best, comprehensive, long-lasting, and cost-effective dental work – and with less drilling! It’s an approach and standard we have adhered to for years, and it’s one of the reasons why we were voted one of Southern California’s Top Dentists by Los Angeles Magazine.
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