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Specialized Gentle Dental Care for Chemotherapy Patients

Specialized Gentle Dental Care for Chemotherapy Patients

One of the furthest things on a cancer patient’s mind after finally completing the exhausting chemotherapy therapies is their teeth. After the harsh chemo treatments and side effects that follow each therapy, many cancer patients find themselves in pain due to issues with their mouth or teeth.

Chemotherapy Hard on Mouth and Teeth

During high-dose chemotherapy, not only are the cancer cells eliminated, but the cells that fight off infections are destroyed as well. This unfortunate side effect leaves your mouth unprotected and causes even average amounts of bacteria to become problematic for the health of your teeth.

Another oral health side effect of chemotherapy is that saliva production is decreased; saliva is crucial in protection against tooth decay. Months of dry mouth and absence of infection-fighting blood cells means that once chemo is finished, and your doctor has given the okay for dental procedures, it’s time to get your teeth checked.

Due to the invasive nature of cancer treatments, most patients dread the thought of more treatments of any kind. But thanks to advances in dentistry, a gentle approach to dental health is finally gaining traction and awareness — especially among chemo patients.

Biomimetic Dentistry for Chemotherapy Patients

Biomimetics, from the words “biology” and “mimic,” seeks to transform the world of dentistry to treat and restore teeth while saving as much of their natural biology as possible.

Cancer survivors and others who are tired of the unnecessarily invasive procedures will be happy to hear that this dental approach is growing at a rapid rate. Natural and gentle methods are imperative after the trauma links with cancer treatments.

I am active in the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry and practice this gentle approach every day at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES®.

Biomimetic dentistry uses its unique approach of less drilling, less invasive procedures to restore, strengthen, and the enhanced the appearance of teeth. It can also be used to fix cracks, chips, decay and cavities and to fill gaps where a tooth is missing.

As modern medicine evolves, it is exciting to see how many choices will become available to tailor to the way we choose to seek care for our bodies and our health.

If you’re undergoing chemotherapy, or just finishing treatment, you can trust us at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES® for specialized, gentle dental care.


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