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Our office is concerned about creating a safe environment for our patients and team. That is why we installed the unique patented technology of the Sterilox generator. It is an innovative electrolytic treatment system for our dental unit water line.
The environment found in traditional untreated dental unit water lines encourages growth of biofilm and bacteria. The bacteria in dental unit water lines means that bacteria would be present in the aerosol generated dental unit devices. This means they would probably be colonizing on equipment surfaces, countertops and even on your person.
Sterilox is a safe, effective system that goes beyond the ADA and CDC recommended guidelines. It produces a safe, fast-acting, effective broad spectrum biocide of decontamination of dental unit water lines in a close bottle system. It performs on-site and on demand taking bacteria colony forming units from the thousands to virtually zero. Tests prove that the Sterilox solution is non-toxic, non-sensitizing, non-irritating, non-staining and requires no special disposal precautions making it safe for the environment.