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Can You Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces?

Our smile is the first impression we give to others, that’s why most people want straight teeth. If your teeth aren’t as aligned as you’d like them to be, you might be considering braces. Braces are dental devices that use pressure and control to gradually shift and straighten your teeth. Crooked smiles, teeth that have large gaps between them, and jawlines that don’t close over each other are treated with braces. 

You want the perfect smile, but you are not thrilled about having to wear braces as an adult for 18 months or more. Braces are expensive and can make you feel very self-conscious, not to mention the pain that comes with them. Good news is that there are several options available other than braces. If you want to know how to fix a crooked smile without braces, keep reading.

Alternatives To Braces

Many people wish to avoid the social stigma attached to a ‘brace face’ or ‘train track’ appearance during treatment with braces. The orthodontist can assist the patient in deciding the most appropriate course of action to straighten teeth without braces. These types of treatments include:


Veneers are thin, hard shells of porcelain that are bonded permanently to the front of a tooth. You could use them to correct crooked teeth, discolored, misaligned, or with spacing issues. Dental veneers are very strong and resistant to staining. If you’re looking for an alternative to braces that will provide the desired results in a short time, veneers are a good option.


Onlays and inlays are indirect restorations, they are fillings made outside the mouth. They are less invasive than a crown. The materials used closely match the composition of natural teeth. Since they are bonded to your tooth, a lot of healthy tooth tissue is saved. 


The invisalign treatment system is used to straighten teeth without braces. They are clear aligners that the patient uses all the time and takes off only to eat. Every two weeks the aligner is replaced, moving the teeth little by little until they are in the wished position.

These are the best alternatives to braces since they aren’t invasive at all and provide the same results. You can find invisalign in Pasadena, at your local dentist.

Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

There are several alternatives on how to fix a crooked smile without using braces. The less invasive way is invisalign and you can find invisalign in Pasadena at the clinic of doctor H. Robert Stender DDS, as well as other methods of cosmetic dentistry like veneers and inlays/onlays.

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