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Are You Stressed? Your Teeth Won’t Be Happy.

We all know stress is not suitable for the human body; whether it be for our physical health or emotional health, stress can take a toll on our day-to-day life. But did you know stress is also capable of impacting our dental health? Many people don’t know that stress affects the teeth, gums, and overall oral health. 

With Covid-19, more and more people are working from home, which has added stress to their daily lives. However, keeping your stress levels managed is critical to your health, and your teeth will thank you. Keep reading to learn about five dental issues that can come as a result of stress. 

Tooth Fractures 

All of our teeth have relatively tiny fissures and cracks due to normal everyday wear-and-tear. Normally, these are not an issue nor should they cause any problems. However, when stress kicks in, so do the dental problems. When stressed, our jaws tend to clench up and our teeth start to grind against each other, this could be unconscious while sleeping. 

The pressure, as a result, can cause teeth to break and fracture leading to long-term damage. When resting, keep in mind your teeth should not touch, if they do, you may want to look into getting a night guard or retainer for additional protection.

Teeth Grinding 

Teeth grinding is common in both adults and children, and often, they don’t even realize they’re doing it. Many people find themselves grinding their teeth during the daytime, but also at night while sleeping. Teeth grinding can do harm as it ends up wearing down the surface of the teeth over time and the tips of the teeth may end up flattened. 

Teeth grinding, as a result, can lead to headaches, jaw pain, earaches, and stiffness. Solutions do exist such as night guards, which help prevent grinding while sleeping.

Sensitive Teeth

If you find your teeth don’t react well to hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods, you may have tooth sensitivity. Many things can cause this to occur such as teeth grinding as it will eventually harm the enamel or protective outer coating. 

Unfortunately, your body cannot regenerate tooth enamel, so if you’re experiencing sensitivity, visiting your dentist will give you a better idea of the next steps and preventative measures. 

Oral Pain 

The more the stress, the more the pain. Keeping stress low is critical in preventing oral pain. Oral pain caused by stress can include tooth, gum, or general mouth pain. 

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

TMJ is the joint that allows us to open and close our mouths and move our jaws side to side. Pani or dysfunction that affects the TMJ joint is called a temporomandibular disorder. Those suffering from TMD may have difficulty opening or moving the jaw, clicking sounds with movement, and muscle fatigue.

Invest In Your Dental Health With H. Robert Stender

As COVID-19 has become a new reality and the world of working from home, stress is a growing concern. However, with stress, comes additional problems that are worrisome to our overall wellbeing. Dr. H. Robert Stender is a top-rated dentist in Pasadena, and his goal is simple: to provide his patients with the best dental care possible.  

Visiting a dental professional like Dr. Stender is critical to maintaining good oral health and preventing any future issues. He is passionate about dentistry and makes sure his clients have a comfortable and relaxing experience in his state-of-the-art treatment suites. 

Whether it be the stress of losing your job due to Covid-19 or adjusting to a new work from home routine, you must continue maintaining your dental health by visiting a reputable dentist in Pasadena, CA.