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Summertime Pitfalls that Can Ruin Your Smile

Summertime Pitfalls that Can Ruin Your Smile

the science of smiles best dentist pasadena ca stenderWe’ve heard it time and time again: Sugary summer treats will ruin your smile and wreak havoc on your teeth. Sure, what you eat and drink during the warm months of summer are important for oral health — but there are some other not-so-predictable summer pitfalls too. Pitfalls you would never see coming — until now.

Proceed with caution in all 3 of these summertime activities:


Hose water is NOT tap water. You could be slurping a chemical cocktail. Nearly 40% of commercial hoses contain high levels of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a chemical that contains lead. Not only is it toxic to your body, lead exposure promotes tooth decay.

Safer solution: Drink from a hose that is 100% lead-free and PVC-free. Or, pour a glass of tap water instead.


Scuba diving is thrilling— but it puts an enormous amount of pressure on your jaws. Nicknamed “diver’s mouth syndrome,” this clenching combined with a change in water pressure, can cause jaw and tooth pain. It can also aggravate existing issues, such as TMJ disorders.

Safe Solution: Make sure you’re in good dental health before you plan a deep-sea excursion. During your dive, make a conscious effort to avoid clenching too hard on your mouthpiece. If jaw pain lasts more than a few days, contact THE SCIENCE OF SMILES for TMJ pain assessment.


Blowing up inflatable pools toys can be a time consuming task. But don’t be tempted to pass the task on to a friend. When you share the spout, you also swap spit. And Streptococcus Mutans, tooth decay-causing bacteria, can be passed through saliva. Indirect contact can still contaminate objects, including toys. This is especially true for toddlers and young children.

Safe Solution: Use an air pump. If you must use your mouth, sanitize the spout before exerting air. And if you get light-headed, clean off that spout before the next mouth tries.

Don’t let summer fun spoil your smile. Be safe and enjoy the sunshine!

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