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Teeth Whitening at Home vs. at the Dentist

Teeth Whitening at Home vs. at the Dentist

teeth whiteningOne of the most common questions my patients ask me about teeth whitening options is: “What is the difference between whitening at home versus in-office?”

The answer: Substantial.

Unfortunately, many people buy into the teeth whitening hype at the drug store because they are simply misinformed. Most of my patients report using a whitening toothpaste and find that does not truly change the color of their teeth.

At Home Whitening Products are Good for Surface Stain Removal

Over the counter whitening toothpastes give the appearance of making the teeth lighter by removal of surface stains.  This process uses abrasives and chemicals to physically remove surface stains caused by smoking, coffee, or tea.  Another method used for “whitening” uses Blue Covarine, which is a chemical that doesn’t remove stain, but acts by attaching to the tooth surface to give a lighter appearance.  These methods do not actually change the color of the enamel.  With excessive or improper use, these abrasives and chemicals can damage enamel and cause wear and sensitivity.

Get Truly Whiter Teeth With In-Office Bleaching

True “bleaching” products use Carbamide Peroxide to oxidize the enamel and effectively change (lighten) the true color of the tooth.  These products are applied at their most effective concentrations by us at THE SCIENCE OF SMILES.

Options include in-office application as well as custom bleaching trays, which enables patients to bleach at home.

Which Works Best?

There are numerous whitening/bleaching options available for patients both over the counter and in office.  My concern is the misconception that most patients purchase whitening toothpastes want more than removal of surface stain.  They believe the product is truly lightening the color of their teeth. The best way to truly lighten the color of teeth is to use in-office applications of bleaching products.

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